> Bullet Resistant Doors

Bullet-proof doors in aluminium profile by BFJ, series Royal 585 NB, anodized and coloured, painted in colours chosen by works management, bullet-proofed as described below, complete with system accessories, special hinges, bumper guards, three-mint multi-blind locking by Iseo, anti-tampering cylinder by BFJ, gaskets ant brushes.
Tamponage realized with limitlessly bulletproof panelling (as described below) with both aluminum plate sides painted in the colour chosen by works management.

Doors with C-D-E type bullet proofing at 1500-20004300 Joule, ceding,
Measurements: cm. 90 x cm. 210

System: Single-bat do fabricate with 60 mm.-section steel piles. Double-rabbet air and water tightness, 801 externally and internally the frame and door are on the same vertical plane (coplanar) showing a perimetral difference of 5 mm.
Prowls: Seam welds 1.75 mm-thick Fe,37 plate, with housings or gaskets on door ant frame habits.
Pane: as described below.
Panel support: The panels are locked by a 20x15 mm |full iron frame fastened by galvanic steel screws to the frame containing the panel.
Bullet-Proofing: Protection against bullets is guarantee thanks to the insertion of extra-hard ballistic still plates inside the soil frame. The same ballistic steel is applied to the vane in the case of openable doors.
Gasket: For water and air-tightness, EPDM elastomer pressed-in gaskets are used.
Sealing: internally with closed-cell sponge, externally with silicone.
Painting: degrease by a phosphating process, and electrotatically painted furnace at 180°C. RAL colours according to choice.
Fittings: the door comes complete with a weldable steel hinge with a bearing for adjusting the height, anti-panic push-type CISA handle, and external handle with cylinder.

The panel will have a thickness of approximately 40/42 mm. And provided with:
- 6/10 repaint external plate
- 8 mm. Ballistic soil plate
- High-density cm wool, glue
- 6/1 per-painted internal plate

The panel will be inserted in the door fitting, requiring the accessories lists in the above specifications.