> EMP Doors
In an EMP shielding system the door is the key point of access. This means that the door becomes unit which must be constructed with the utmost care so as to ensure effective long-term shielding and protection.

The components contact with the outer part of the door are constructed throughout with materials which guarantee maximum resistance to wear and tear; the inner part contains a sheet of specially-treated steel shielding steel to provide maximum resistance to impacts.

A special feature our doors the assembly system which guarantees an even contact a long every edge of the door.

Finally, the sturdy, stainless sheet steel finishing ensures consistent performance despite constant use and the effects of wear and tear.

For all standard size doors testing is carried out on completion of contruction and at no extra cost.

In the case of non-standard size doors testing is calculated as a supplementary cost.

In the case of electrical and mechanical testing and trials the most up-to-date regulatory norms are applied (currently MIL STD 188-125).

On request testing can also be carried out with frequencies randing from 0-50 Mhz (TEMPEST).