> Blast Resistant Door (Fire Rated)

Theory of Blast Event

  • Blast Event
  • Rebound Effect
  • How we design a structure able to resist to 0,5 bar static pressure

Blast Resistant Tile

  • This is the elementary module able to resist at 0.5 bar of static pressure, made by special steel and concrete.
  • We call it Tile, because the wall will be made as a mosaic of elementary modules.
  • Now we will discover how is composed a Tile.

3D View

This is the elementary module with the following approximate dimensions: 1 meter by 1 meter with thickness of 130 mm

The Mosaic

  • The Tiles are bolted on the main structure of the wall.
  • The main structure is made by opportune H beams.
  • Dimension of the beams and distance between each beam will be determined in compliance with Blast Protection Theory.

The Concept

  • Hart of the Tile is the Concrete.
  • Concrete is able to protect from Blast and Fire.
  • Sheets metal composing the Tile, are designed in compliance with Blast Protection Theory.
  • Each Tile, bound on two side, it is able to resist against the Blast Even and the Rebound effect for an equivalent static pressure of 0.5 bar.

Tile Characteristics

  • Weight is approximately 300 Kilos each.
  • Handling and installation don't need particular mechanical operations.
  • Anchorage system with bolts of each tail permits to reach a high level of precision.
  • ALl that means that our structure has a good range of flexibility; therefore easy to adapt to any structure.

Barriers of Protection

  • Mechanical
  • Temperature
  • Gas and Smoke

Temperature Protection

  • From the fire-prevention theory and following the NFPA norms, we assume that 130 millimeters of concrete respect more than 120'.
  • Thermo expandable gaskets on four side of the Tile will guarantee to block the heat.
  • A further insulating element will be set as finish between a cell and the other.

Gas and Smoke Protection

  • Special gaskets will guarantee the perfect seal of the elementary Tile on the four sides of the same on.
  • A further insulating element will be set as finish between a cell and the other.

Gaskets System


  • Contruction
  • Installation on site
  • Transportation and delivery
  • Gant diagram


  • All the building process will be done in Italy
  • During the whole procedure of building you could check the state of advancement, with some picture by email.

Installation on Site

  • The easy handling and the great flexibility of this system allow any worker to be able to follow a detailed manual of assembly.
  • The installation on site will be guided by a detailed manual of assembly.

Transporation and Delivery

  • The goods will be packaged at our yard and arranged for delivery by ship.

Gant Diagram

  • Once we start with the job, we can give you a step by step all the process from the order to the delivery with dates and states of advancemet.