> Fire Rated Glass Door
BFJ Pyrostop

BFJ S fire-resisting glass is a Class A safety glass to BS 6206: 1981.

It can, therefore, be installed in critical locations where a safety glass is required as defined in Approved Document N (Building Regulations 1991).

BFJ S has considerable inherent strange to resist accidental impact.

However, it can be safely broken by fire- fighters to create access routes and it breaks into relatively small pieces which do not present a hazard. It contains no wire, so there is no risk of lacerations or snagged clothing.


Each pane of BFJ S fire-resisting glass is permanently marked in one corner with the name BFJ S, the Schott trade mark, the thickness of the glass, the safety classification to BS 6206 and the Register of Safety Glazing Marks number (see illustration).

Important note: As BFJ S is a toughened glass it cannot be further worked after leaving the factory.