> Garage Doors

The modern solution for garage doors.
- improve the took of the building in which they are fitted
- make life easier
- meet safety requirements

They replace traditional garage doors and offer a variety of practical and surprising advantages.


Minimum bulk and more space available inside and outside your garage

BFJ overhead doors take up very little room and leave plenty of space free inside and outside the garage; the car can be parked almost in contact with the door, which can be opened and closed by sliding vertically on side runners, until it is close to the ceiling.

Easy and functional opening and closing
With original BFJ motorisation, all you have to do to silently open and close your garage is lightly touch the remote control.

The manual versions are also easy to operate because they are balanced with torsion springs. Extreme conditions do not represent a problem: ice and snow are not obstacles for BFJ overhead doors.

More comfort for the environment
BFJ residential overhead doors are sturdy and fully weather resistant. They provide excellent insulation against heat and sound thanks to the Insulated panels (steel or wood). They improve liveability and inside conditions and also cut energy costs.

More light inside
Elegant windows and practical portholes in anti-break glass or polycarbonate can be fitted for more highly illuminated interiors.

For new and renovated buildings
BFJ residential doors are practical and flexible, they enhance new buildings and also allow quickly and accurately replacing old traditional doors.

Accessory control and safety
BFJ provides a wide range of accessories from ergonomic handles to command, control and security systems.

All BFJ original accessories have been designed to enhance the door, ensure tong-term reliability and safe operations.

BFJ has obtained ISO 9OOI-VISION 2000 and IQ NET Certifications. All the CE marked products are made in compliance with high safety standards

Overhead doors enhance the building and meet any requirement
The design and various solutions presented, with versions an steer and wood, allow perfect aesthetic integration in any architectural context, both classic, rustic or modern.

Safety devices for trouble-free operation

BFJ provides a series of standard safety devices

Perimeter seals
The seals in speacial anti-age rubber are positioned on the ends of the door and sides of the transit opening. They ensure excellent insulation and prevent any infiltration of air, dust and water.


Pinch-proof guard
Prevents any risk of fingers being trapped where the covering is moving.



Spring anti-break safety device
This special, built-in safety device, positioned in the spring bearing, instantly blocks the movement of the torsion shaft and, consequently, of the door, should one of the springs break.



Cable anti-break safety device
The traction carte eyelet coupling (for the motorised versions) and the special ''parachute'' device instantly stop door covering movement in the event of breakage of the pulling cables (standard on manual versions).


Infra-red photocells
Fitted on vertical door uprights or special supports, these stop and immediately reverse the downward movement of the covering if the infra-red beam is interrupted.



Safety rib
This is fitted into the bottom seal of the panel and, in the event of obstruction, it dampens the Impact and Instantly reverses the movement of the door.

Accessories to meet any personal requirements

Lifting handles
Sturdy and economic, these are designed for convenient manual operation






Windows, foxholes and ventilation grilles
Windows in lacquered aluminum to allow more tight to enter the interior and pothole in double sheet of polycarbonate or anti-break glass, without sacrificing good looks. Various solutions, for all interior styles, all of which are anti-break-in. Ventilation grilles in PVC to prevent damp condensation and allow normal ventilation and any fumes to escape

Pedestrian doors
For frequent uses such as pedestrian transit, a solution is presented with separate side entrance and with pedestrian door integrated an the covering of the overhead door itself, while in both cases always maintaining the same smart door appearance.




Coverings / Columns
For transit opening applications, die-cast bent coverings and tubular columns painted in the same colour as the door

Motor or lock bolt release
Knob-type outside handle, hammer-type inside handle for motor/tuck bolt release.


The ideal automation:

- Rugged enter for total reliability
- Technological core for operational safety
- Elegant and attractive design
- original BFJ automation

Globe drive unit, fitted to the ceiling and equipped with original BFJ command, control and safety accessories can effectively automate any type of overhead garage door.

By means of a remote control you can dove directly into your garage, which will already be lit for security reasons and for better visibility when it is dark and when the weather conditions are bad. The state-of-the-art encoder technology system, which controls door movement, speed and slewing down detects the presence of any obstacles and provides maximum operational safety.