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DIM quality gratings are highly recommended for drain covers, drain pit covers, manhole covers for buildings and complexes, trench covers for roads, highways, airports and infrastructure projects as DIM gratings are proven to be strong, safe, excellent durability, and provides best aesthetic value to the surrounding environment.

DIM gratings are designed to cater all load of requirements and applications.


Strong, lightweight
DIM gratings is very strong yet light in weight. It consist of a latticework of bearing bars and cross bars joined to each other in a fixed configuration by rejection welding.

Excellent light admission and ventilation
DIM gratings allow light admission and ventilation. A well lighted and ventilated areas are crucial in industrial safety.

Non-slip and safe
DIM gratings display non-slip ability in every direction thereby providing a safe working surface.

Beautiful appearance
The latticework of bearing bars and cross bars will neatly match with any types of flooring in the factory, ship, etc., and will make a nice geometrical ensemble.

Easy installation and removal
DIM gratings is designed and manufactured according to customer's specification and is easy to install. Our precise grating configuration enable easy servicing and maintenance.

Good machinability
DIM gratings can readily be pre-cut to the customers specifications just like plate, because the bars are joined in a fixed configuration.

Convenience cleaning
It is easier to clean trenches because DIM gratings are made with excellent design and careful fabrications.

DIM utilizes high quality mild steel for load bearing bars, which exceeds the strength of ASTM all, BS 4360 grade 43A and JIS G 3 10 1 SS 400, KSD 3505 SB41 . This is particularly beneficial since floor- grating is subjected to wheel loads, as deflection becomes a critical consideration to the ability of the load bearing bar to withstand high stress.

DIM also provide stainless steel gratings for marine and any corrosive environment. The normal grades used arc SS 304 and SS316, bur other stainless steel grades can be obtained upon request. DIM gratings generally being supplied in two types of finishes. Hot dip galvanizing provides corrosion resistance by adding zinc coating to the surface of gratings. DIM hot dip galvanizing conforms to KSD8308, ASTM A123, 85729, JIS H864.

DIM gratings are possible to be painted according to client's approval and specification. Typical epoxy or powder coated paints are often used by clients.


Pitch of Bearing Bar
A center distance between the two scaring bar adjacent to each other center is called Pitch of bearing bar. Standard pitch is 12.5 mm, l5mm, 25mm, 30mm, 25.3 and 40mm by the use.

Pitch of Cross Bar
A center distance between the two cross bars adjacent to each other is called Pitch of cross bar, and its standard is l 00nAm. 80th ends are divided by the width. The standard pitch of cross bar having l50mm wide-trench of U-type grating is 80mm. Since the pitch of cross bar is manufactured by a scale ranging from 50mm up to around l50mm according to its usages, your consultation is cordially invited, if desired.

F-Bar Grating
This is a readily available material for general usage and is manufactured under strict quality control.

I-Bar grating
In comparison with other material of the same weight, this is very economical as well as good esthetic gratings.

Serrated Grating
This model, with the surface of a FIAT-BAR serrated, is designed for foot steps and in particular it is best suitable for non-slip stair-trades used in slippery places such as refinery plants, oil tankers as well as in steep slope or heavy snowfall area.


Type of Loading Bearing Bar: I-Bar / FLAT BAR/ SERRATED BAR / SERRATED I-BAR