> Hyperbarric Chambers
Our chambers can either be equipped with rectangular entrance doors or with a full sized circular door equal to the diameter of the main chamber. The full sized door allows for the easy access of intensice care patients on full sized hospital beds. The full sized foor is provided with a safety interlock system that prevents the opening of the door whilst the chamber is pressurised.
Overall view of the inside of our 8 man HBO chamber, diameter 2200 mm. The luxury patient seats are easily removed from the chamber in order to allow for the use of full-sized hospital beds. The colour design in the chamber interioir can be chosen by the client.
An electrically driven lifting platform has been integrated in the hospital floor to overcome the height difference between the normal floor level and the floor of the chamber. Hospital beds can be easily raised and lowered safely and without effort.
The HBO chamber showing full sized hostpital bed. The seats have been removed for this purpose.

Each patient is provided with the following equipment:
- Foldable or fixed mounted armrests,
- an integrated headrest
- optional footrets for maximum comfort.
- Attendant alert system

Entertainment system consisting of:

- Headset with audio connection
- Video channel connections
- Volume controls
- Channel selection switch for the audio system

HBO chambers are provided with a sophisticated oxygen breathing system, allowing the patients to breath comfortably, with a low inhalation and exhalation resistence. (3,0 mBar)
The oxygen is supplied to the patient by means of a half mask or an oxygen hood system and the flow to each patient can be adjusted separately. The connections of the oxygen system, the entertainment system and the patient monitoring system are installed in the overhead panel.
The HBO chamber is provided with a vacuum suction system with a storage container. Connection points are also present for the supply of oxygen and / or air to medical equipment such as patient ventilators. The chamber is also fitted with an emergency sound powered communication system.

Many optional accesories can be added to the chamber such as:
- Fire suppression system (sprinkler)
- Chamber climatisation unit
- Patient monitoring
- etc

Medical lock system; provided with a safety interlock system.
Inspection camera installed in an adjustable penetrator.