> BFJ Safety Signages
Easily intelligible signs should guide persons in danger quickly and all the way to safety. Safety guidance systems combine both the DIN regulations and those of the employers' liability Insurance associations and both international safety technology and the advantages of, long-persistence-photoluminescent safety products.

Sudden darkness, fire, panic - a paralyzing feeling of fear grips all of us at the thought of such dangers. Fires which start in buildings produce dense pungent smoke which then fills the room from the ceiling down within a few minutes. In such emergency situations, the most important aim is to evacuate the building as quickly and safely as possible. A safety lighting fixture mounted at a height of approximately 2 m can quickly lose its lighting function owing to thick smoke. The escape route and information signs at eye level can no longer be seen through the dense smoke. It is thus practical to mount escape route guidance systems as close to the floor as possible. The ideal situation is to mark the escape route with approximately 10-20 cm wide strips made of long-persistence-photolumidescent paint or foil or a prefabricated floor covering. BFJ, in conjunction with heads of fire brigades both in Germany and in other European countries, has developed optimized guidelines for installation of the individual elements of a safety guidance system: The need to make escape routes visible in smoky and/or dark conditions is stipulated in German Industrial Standard DIN 67510 which stipulates that effective guidance information must be attached at a low height.

This has fully confirmed the products developed by BFJ. Our safety products have been developed as a range of individual products for a complete safety guidance system. The products include long-persistence- photoluminescent paints, plastics and enamel etc. We can also completely plan and design your safety guidance system for you. When doing this, we analyze your installation and draw up a specific marking system tailored to meet the spatial/structural conditions of your premises. Our specialists can design and fit your safety guidance system and can conduct a quality inspection on it as you wish.

The multi-coat paint system is applied on the basis of strict quality regulations by brushing, rolling or spraying the paint (which contains the photoluminescent pigments)
Ready-to-use products such as long-persistence photoluminescent foils. tiles, profiled elements or signs are fitted very quickly by trained personnel to the perpared base surface.
Here you can see casting resin - a highly topical product from BFJ range, being applied with a special purpose automatic applicator (Patent Pending).