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BFJ Uprights

BFJ Pallet Racking System one of the most, innovative and versatile racking systems has, in fact, a series of characteristics that permits this line of racking to resolve any Industrial Racking problems, optimizing structural and functional aspects, with ease.

The numeric part of the model name BFJ12 stands for the uprights which have a 12 fold profile, cold rolled into perfection.

This gives the upright exceptional stiffness, allowing considerable load capacity even with very high structures.

The hexagonal slots allow definite cousin: and clasping of the beam connectors onto the upright.

BFJ Beams

The beams are steel structures made from steel strips and have specially shaped lugs which are locked onto the BFJ uprights firmly.

Joint efficiency between BFJ uprights and BFJ beams, optimises vertical and horizontal load-bearing capacity.

A safety pin avoids accidental dislodgment of the beams.

BFJ Adjustable Pallet Racking

The most common pallet racking system used in warehouses-adjustable pallet racking system offers greater selectivity, economy and versatility.

With very narrow aisle widths depending on the types of material handling equipment, all derivatives of adjustable pallet racking systems are available from BFJ. They include:

- Selective Racking Systems
- VNA Racking systems
-Double Deep Racking Systems
- Mobile Racking Systems
- Live Storage Systems
- Mini Load Racking Systems
- Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems

The possibility of constructing multi-tier racking systems with load bearing walkway further widens the range of storage solutions.

Adjustable pallet racking systems is the most popular storage system used in third party logistics distribution centres, raw material and finished foods warehouses and in wholesale and retail businesses where many types and varieties of foods are stored. Its main feature is the ability to select any pallets anywhere in the warehouse instantly.

First-in First-out (FIFO) principle can be practised in a selective racking systems resulting in better stock rotation. The lower cost per pallet location compared with other racking systems, plus the use of economical material handling equipment translates into lower capital investment.

Strong safety barriers, column guards, impact absorbent post guards, pallet back stops, pallet support bars, timber and steel decking panels are some of the pallet racking accessories which are designed for the safe use of selective racking systems.

Multi-tier Racking System

Constructed and designed using BFJ racking components, Mulit-tier Racking system is the solution for storage of small to medium parts.

The racking system maximizes the headroom available in a warehouse. thereby creating more storage space.

Access to the platform levels are via structural steel staircase.

All exposed edges are installed with tubular steel handrails and kick plates. If required, loading bate are provided for loading and picking of pallets on and from the platform.

Depending on the requirements, plywood or steel or mesh grating can be used as floor decking material. Supporting the floor are steel joints or profiles designed to take the loads.

Shelf levels can be decked with plywood or steel panels.

Access Bays

In a warehouse layout where long rows of rack are designed, certain bays can be turned into access bays. This will allow the truck operator to be able to move to the next aisle at a shorter distance and time.

It is BFJ's policy to provide wider clear entry and safety barriers at all access bays to facilitate movement of the truck.

BFJ Drive-In Racking Systems

BFJ's Drive-in racking system is the ideal solution and alternative to high density conventional block stacking.

It can be designed with various depths according to requirements and allows the storage of homogenous products for each lane. The operation of such racking system is normally LIFO (Last In First Out). In some cases, the lane may not necessary contain homogenous products but different products of a batch.

However, FIFO is possible with Drive-thru racking system.

The intrinsic technical features of the drive-in/drive-thru storage system require considerable transversal stability. BFJ has both profile and engineering designs calculations for the safe use of the racking system.

The transversal stability can be achieved with reinforcement by horizontal and vertical brace components, or appropriate ''bracing towers'' The frame - load bearing structures, can be protected from accidental knocks from material handling equipment by use of impact absorbent post guards and specifically designed crash barriers.

Finally, there are optional floor guide channels that help access by material handling equipment and their route inside the lanes.

BFJ-designed impact absorbent post-guards is the standard safety accessory used in its drive-in/drive-through racking systems. This post guards comprises an angle profile fixed to the floor, and on the upper end, it is bolted with an impact absorbent rubber bush sandwiched between the angle bracket and the racking upright.

The conventional design of using the upright as the post guards has its flaw in that the post guards is not strong enough to take the impact from the truck and more often than not both the post guards and the racking upright is damaged easily.

BFJ Span

To meet various storage requirements by our customers, BFJ's designers now provide a cost effective medium duty storage solution Ideal for storage of small but medium weight parts BFJ Span shelving systems can be decked with timber or steel shelves Depending on load capacities and floor loading requirements BFJ Span shelving systems can be used for two-tier shelving system with timber or steel mesh gratings floor decking

BFJ Span With Mezzanines

2-tier BFJ Span shelving system used for the storage of silicon wafer products Shelf levels are decked with galvanished decking panels and flooring material used Is trolley rated galvanished steel mesh grating.

BFJ Lite

The messy and time-consuming task of bolting and tying of uprights with horizontal members is over.

BFJ's proven and time-tested light duty system is an improved version of the aje-old slotted angle system-The Improvisation is the absence of bolts and nuts. BFJ Lite system is so easy to use, versatile and flexible. It is widely used to store light items such as electronic parts, apparels, footwear, automotive and industrial spare parts etc.

Archive filing systems using BFJ Lite system is economical and we have even designed a retractable light ladder for retrieving and storage of items at higher shelf levels.

BFJ Lite - DIY

For Home, For Office, For Warehouse and Factory Storage solutions that listen to your needs!

- Easy to Install and Dismantle
- Freely Adjustable
- No Tools Required
- Suitable for All Purpose

- kitchen, study room, store room, bedroom, carafe, garden...

Office / Shop
- offering everything you need with in handy reach.

Warehouse / Factory
- new storage ideas create space & cut down on costs.

The M5000 Support Modular Shelving

The new M5000 modular shelving system with open-type support frames is multifunctional, not requiring fixed base and top shelves.-rile unique design and versatility of this comprehensive system is a food solution for complex storage problems demanding modular shelving system.

The support frames consist of upright, frame braces and foot plates and are manufactured from high quality and high tensile SS400 Hot Roll steel. The roll-formed upright is a special closed profile with a variety of slots and holes for multiple system applications. The unique support lugs on both 50mm faces of the upright are the most Integral system feature allowing height adjustments of mezzanine floors and storage levels in increments of 50mm. The M5000 system is alto suitable for storage of tyres, wheels, rims and large items.

Assemble of M5000 is time and cost effective and It allow horizontal &vertical expansions or relocation with no problem. Matching storage containers and storage trays are also available.

The M5000 – Mezzanine Multi-Tier Installation

The design and construction of mezzanine system is tailored to individual project requirement and it is conform to international building regulation and codes are applicable.

The M5000 racking system, with unique different bay widths, depths, heights and a wide range of accessories specifically developed for professional storage of automotive parts. The multifunctional plug-in-system provide ideal, protective and flexible storage solutions for those critical parts.

Assemble of this system is time and cost effective. Future modifications, expansions or dismantling are not a problem. With a load capacity of up to 5000kj per bay the system is suitable for multi-tier designs with mezzanine. The mezzanine structures are delivered to site completely prefabricated, thus no welding or cutting are necessary.-rile most important on where to store the bulky parts are no longer an issue. Besides, the lighting system can be store at below the mezzanine floor that provides a good working condition.

The Compact M3000 Mobile System

A modern M 3000 system destined for working environments such as offices, filling rooms, libraries and warehouses must meet an increasing number of specific requirements. Today the increased cost of managing storage space means that important logistical requirements must be efficient. These requirements include:

- maximum storage capacity
- low costs
- flexibility
- easy access
- safety

However, these requirements may only be met if available space is organized as logically as possible. The Compact M3000 System is possible to double the capacity of the archive, using mobile bases which traverse on guide tracks. The advantage is that a static filing system is condensed into a much smaller space, using one moveable aisle only, that can be opened in the required position, giving a quick access to all the archive. It can be mechanically or electrically driven and every design can be tailored to any particular needs The Compact M3000 System Is a modern solution for the archive, which offer a unique combination of capacity, security and profitability

Mobile Pallet Racking Systems

Mobile pallet racking system destined by BFJ can achieve 80% more storage space than a normal static selective racking system Electrically operated with the option of using remote control, the system includes all safety features.

Mobile Cantilever

Cantilevers installed on our bases will allow you to save up to 70% of your warehouse surface Cantilever are well suitable to store long goods like beams, profiles, tubes, wooden panels and similar.

In certain cases the bases may be designed in such a way that they can also be moved frontally. This can offer advantages in small environments.

Our mobile bases system is not suited only for heavy duty racking and cantilevers but also for different kind of structures. This picture for example shows an installation for storing cables.

Cantilever Racking Systems

Specially destined for the storage of long items or pallets, BFJ's heavy-duty cantilever racking system works on a clamping principle with its cantilever arms clamped on the structural steel upright. Arm adjustability is indefinite as there are no holes on the upright and no lugs on the arm connector for lighter duty cantilever racking, BFJ upright and beam components are used. In this case the arm adjustability is at 75mm pitch.

Structural Steel Rack Supported Platform

Designed and constructed of structural steel profiles, BFJ structural steel platforms can be decked with timber or steel mesh floor. The platform can be used for additional storage or to house an office.

Automatic Storage Racking System

Melalock Profile, for its technical features, is particularly suitable for Automatic Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS) linked to Stacker cranes or other automatic material handling equipment systems.

The vertical technical characteristics of BFJ Profile and the full range of accessories designed by BFJ make it possible to build high racking structures for high density and high speed storage and retrieval of pallets or mini-loads.

Rack Supported Warehouse

The most advanced development of BFJ storage systems is in the field of Rack Supposed Warehouses, in which the storage system is the building itself.

Besides taking the loads of the pallets stored, the racking structures have to support the roof and wall too. Every risk factor is taken into account, from snow and rain to wind and earthquakes-The racking system has to respond to functional static and dynamic requirements and to conform with the regulations of the building sector.


Live Carton Storage

BFJ Live Carton Storage is the solution to the reduction of overall picking times in an order picking environment. It is a direct result of bringing the parts to the picker.

Live Carton Storage is used in many commercial and industrial sectors and especially in pharmaceutical, stationery, electronics, food, books and music industries where the FIFO principle and fast picking rate is important in the operation.

The high storage density, easy picking and fast replenishment of stocks make life easier for the order packer. To facilitate tracing and replenishment of supplies, buffer stocks on pallets can be kept at the top of the shelves.

Paying attention to ergonomic needs, BFJ has designed the Live Carton Storage to facilitate picking operations. BFJ is able to install sophisticated systems such as the ''electronic powerless picking systems'' which guide the picker during picking and storing.

Live Storage Racking Systems

BFJ's Live Storage System employs the use of conveyor rollers of the highest quality complete with entry guides, pallet separator, brake rollers and end-stops. Suitable for use in cold rooms, this system offers FIFO operation and high density storage.

As the racking system houses a “Dynamic warehouse'' with a loading and off loading front, it has structural feature which assures rigidity and stability.

Push Back Racking System

BFJ's Push-back Racking system is a simplified version of the Live Pallet storage System and is used in cases where FIFO principle is not essential.

In respect to Drive-in racking, it presents the advantage of not having to drive the material handing equipment into the lane but storing and picking at the same front.

Ideal for batch dispatching in transit or Spain: areas of warehouses, it is also often used for fast moving storage and retrieval of foods in a cold store.