> Revolving Doors


BFJ is available in a wide range of diameters, with three or four door leaves, in both the manual and automatic versions.

The door diameters available for both versions are: 1800 mm - 2000 mm - 2200 mm - 2400 mm - 2600 mm - 2800 mm - 3000 mm (larger dimensions upon request).

The height of the passage space is fixed and is 2200 mm for all the models.

Both the basic manual and automatic versions are supplied with:
- 3 or 4 mobile door leaves
- 5+5 mm external curved glass panels
- anodized aluminium or RAL coloured finish

In addition to the features of the abovementioned manual version, the basic automatic version is also complete with:
- 2 activation sensors
- 2 anti-shearing sensors
- 2 emergency pushbuttons
- 2 low-energy pushbuttons to help disabled users
- revolving contacts for the connection of supplementary accessories

The following supplementary accessories are also available:
- anti-contact sensors
- anti-heeling bar
- break-away anti-panic system
- external handles
- spotlights for illuminating the revolving area
- rainproof covering
- door base