> Roll-Up Doors


A perfect combination of functionality and performance
Entrances subject to heavy and continuous traffic require quick operating doors of compact design suitable for intensive use, In addition to these characteristics, Sector quick roller doors feature an integral design in which the actuator, controls, safety devices and balancing' systems are all built into one, in addition to being very economical, Sector doors are structurally highly flexible with transparent or coloured interchangeable panels. This means that in case of accidental impact, the damaged panel can be easily replaced.

Sector doors fritter the following characteristics:

  • a compact metal structure built out of galvanized steel which may be powder coated in a wide range of standardized RAL colours or, alternatively out of AISI 304 stainless steel with a fine satin finish;
  • space-saving dimensions, especially in height, so as to facilitate installation even in restricted areas;
  • a self-supporting box incorporating all drive mechanisms for easy door mounting on appropriate jambs;
  • a metal-section safety hip which may be fitted with a pressure switch system or a self-controlled photo- cell device, featuring a special design for a good seal;
  • an automatic panic device (optional) which, thanks to the action of counterweights, permits manual opening of the door in case of power failure;
  • extra wind resistance of the standard door thanks to a number of reinforced panel bearing sections.


Maximum structural versatility is the hallmark of these rapid doors. According to requirements, flexible curtain panels can be combined with partially or wholly see-through ones so as to enhance visibility and safety.

Sector doors feature:

  • modular panels;
  • a reliable modular counterweight balancing system with sturdy traction belts for minimum motor- working load, The counterweights also ensure against accidental door dropping (as prescribed by Decree No, 626/94),
  • a safety edge for immediate reversal of door movement with an ACS anticrash system fitted along the edge which, through special skid swith preset breaking load, prevent door and edge being damaged in case of accidental impact;
  • an outside control board built to IEC standards, with self-test function and with the most advanced operating logic;
  • an emergency release, available on both sides of the door, for disengaging the counterweight balancing system so as to permit manual re-opening of the door;
  • quick polarized wiring for quick and correct electrical connections;
  • a three-phase actuator for intensive use comprising motor reduction gear, brake, limit switch and release in a single integrated module;
  • a dc motor (optional) complete with batteries affording a number of advantages such as operating continuity in case of power failure, last opening/closing maneuver or emergency release as well as adjustable speed with acceleration and deceleration ramps.

Modular panels permits to vary door make-up as required and to replace worn or damaged panels