> Sectional Doors

BFJ automatic seasonal doors - The ideal solution for your business activity
- Optimal use if doorway space
- Resistant to any weather conditions
- Complying with safety requirements

BFJ sectional doors offer several concrete and amazing advantages:

  • Minimal bulk far mire space indoors and outdoors
    BFJ sectional doors make a better use of Indoor space thanks to side vertical siding tracks which allow the door to stable upwards along the wall and position parakeet to the ceiling The installation not within doorway allows to take full advantage of the doorway space.
  • Easy and practical to open and operate
    Thanks to side shying tracks BFJ sectional doors staple vertically and adapt to the shape of the dulling, positioning parallel to the ceding. Thanks to their minimal bulk there is more space outside and inside. They are easy to use, with BFJ original motorization.
  • More comfort
    Insulated planets protect indoor environment from heat/cold and noise, which means better living conditions indoors and energy saving.
  • Bright indoor environment and attractive design
    Practical windows, or polycarbonate or anti-break-through glass panes Inserted into alluminium frames can be arched to the doors.
  • Complement the environment and meet all requirements
    The door design and the many different solutions offered allow these doors to complement any industrial architectural style, from traditional buildings to prestigious commercial ones. They meet any professional requirement and complement the bustling where they are fitted The practical and deplete structure of BFJ industrial doors allows to quickly and accurately replace old doors.
  • Reliability
    BFJ has qualified for ISO 9OOI-VISION 2000 and IQ NET Certificates. All products are CE marked.

Models and collars available

BFJ sturdy sectional door panels provide high heat insulation and soundproofing. Galvanized steed, sandwich-type structure and external embossing provide a high weather resistance. CFCS free, polyurethane foam provides a high degree of Insulation.

Lisbon model

Pre-painted, galvanized steed sandwich paned version.
Thickness 40 mm.
Height of the panel 500 mm or 610 mm.
High-density (40 Kg/m3) polyurethane foam Insulation, no CFCS.
Horizontal panels with embossed grooves.

Gold Alu model
Bright and pleasant environment
Maximal visibility inside/outside
Modern and elegant structure

DITK Gold Alu is a sectional door made of aluminum extrusion panels, fitted for housing anti-break-through type, laminated glass or single metacrylate windows. The spender and elegant aluminum profiles combined with the large windows give the door a distinctive character and give the bustling a more attractive look.

Gold Alu is a functional as weft as a decorative complement to any modern Industrial and commercial buildings. Its windows let the tight from the outside in, providing a bright and pleasant environment inside. Its aluminum profiles and glass or metacrylate windows provide the structure with high weather resistance and tong-tasting life.

The lower door panels can he fitted with painted aluminum elements of the same contour as that of the door, Instead of metacrylate panels.

Gotd Alu ls also compatible with the other OITEC steel-sheet, sandwich panels to create various decorative caverns. Thickness 40 mm. Height of panels from 500 to 610 mm.

The colours for the profiles can be RAL standard or, on request, customized to match customers' corporate design.

Bay model

Specific to close a loading bay. Reliable and sturdy structure, safe operations. Extremely cost effective, thanks to technical solutions attiring easy and practical installation.

Safety devices for safe operations

BFJ provides a range of standard or optional safety devices

  • Torsion spring
    Torsion spring (manufactured in compliance with BIN 17223 regulations) are made of steed and have a standard service life of over 15,000 operation cycles. They are provided with a special rack deuce to stock the torsion shaft shouts the spring break.
  • Pinch-proof guard
    This deuce protects fingers from being caught in the moving door panels in case of contact.
  • Anti-break system for cords
    This is a special device to immediately stop the movement of the door should one lifting cord break.
  • Anti-break system for cables
    This is a special device to immediately stop the movement of the door should return cables break.
  • Infrared photocells
    These protocol's are fitted into the shying tracks and immediately stop or reverse the downward movement of the door should their infrared beam be interrupted.
  • Safety edge
    This safety device, housed in the bottom gasket of the panel, dampens any accidental impact and immediately reverses the movement of the door.

Accessories to satisfy company requirements

  • Perimeter gaskets
    The gaskets, made of a special non-ageing rubber, seat the geometer of the door opening. They produce a perfect seat preventing water, air and dust infiltration.
  • Lifting handles
    These compact and ergonomic handles are designed to facilitate manual opening and closing.
  • Wi - Windows
    Varnished or natural aluminum windows with senate or double metacrylate panels.
  • Obo – Portholes
    Rectangular or oval acrylic frame with double polycarbonate panes.
  • Gri - PVC air grating - white/black
    This prevents condensation and allows the escape of any fumes
  • Lox - anti-break-into, internal tacking belt and lock
  • Pedestrian door - In order to use the door also as a pedestrian passage. It is possible to have a separate side entrance or a pedestrian passage in the door itself. In both cases, the look of the door remains unchanged

Drawings of vertical sections and sliding

Synoptic chart of door bulk and sliding


Dod: the ideal automation
- Rugged motor far total reliability
- BFJ original automation

Dod- the reliable traction unit to automate any type of sectional doors.

Distinctive Features

  • Different applications
    - in-line mounting on sectional doors
    - mounting with pinion and ring gear on sectional doors
  • Easy Installation
    - It can be coupled onto the dove shaft or geared by pinion and chain, so that other driving mechanisms are not necessary.
  • Tested and reliable parts, already being used on the other BFJ automatons.
  • Compact structure to make installation easier when space is limited.
  • Modern and elegant design
  • Adjustable, rotary limit switch unit
  • Two locck release devices:
    - By cord: quick lock release. Once the automation lock has been released, the door can be operated manually.
    - By crank: rotating the crank, properly geared down, the door can be lifted or closed, using the automation as a hoist.
  • The pinion and ring gear mounting favours adjustment of door speed depending on customers' requirements or it can allow trouble-free installation when the space available on the sides is halted.
  • Dod automations come complete with safety and control accessories in compliance with the regulations in force

Technical Specifications & Main Functions