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Blast resistant doors
Cormio Engineering blast resistant doors are designed to protect against weapon effects and against effects from accidents in industrial plants.
Doors are designed according with customer's specifications; deferent structural configurations are available (I-beam frame with plates, steal frame filled with concrete, solid steel plate, tubular frame with steel plates) and depend on protection level and dimensions of the door. Design methods are according to TM 5-1300.

Common features and accessories provided are:
- gasket for air tightness
- gasket and panels for fire resistance
- self rescue device
- beast resistant window
- door lock
- automatic drives (electric or electro pneumatic) for door and door locks

Double leaf blast resistant door
- Reflected pressure: 1,0 bar
- Dimensions: 1,8 X 2,1 m
- Made of tubular steel frame and steel plates
- Double leaf with removable transom panel